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Perm State Ballet School
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Education of foreign students

Education of foreign students is paid. For the secondary school graduates having special dance foundation course the duration of studies at the school is 3 years (is a student speaks Russian) or 4 years (is a student doesn’t speak Russian).

Students are taught a wide range of the following special subjects: classical dance, duet dance, character dance, historical dance, modern choreography, actor;s mastery, gymnastics, theatre make-up; art subjects: choreographic art history, theatre history, fine arts history, world culture history, musical literature; general subjects: Russian language, Russian literature, foreign literature, world history, history of Russia, philosophy, law, economics, sociology, politology, French language.

After competition of studies foreign students get a «Ballet Dancer» Dipolma. For those coming for the probation period (1 month up to 3 years) duration of 1 academic year is 10 months. After competition of the probation period students get a Certificate.

Foreign students get accommodation at comfortable boarding house and five apart from the other students. There are rooms for 1–2 persons, TV and DVD facilities, refrigerators. If necessary, students are provided with medical assistance at the college first-aid post as well as at the school’s hospital.

Special tutors take care of the young students in their non-school time. All students are provided with 5 times-a-day meals at the canteen. Students have free access to Perm theatres and circus. Our college organize official registration of papers to obtain a visa.